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Jos Verhoeven

Nutrient cycling in Wetlands, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Jos Verhoeven is professor emeritus of landscape ecology at the Department of Biology of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He is a member of the executive board of INTECOL, the International Association of Ecology. He is also the President of the Society of Wetland Scientist’s Europe chapter, the former chairman of the Center for Wetland Ecology, a consortium of 20 research groups in the Netherlands and Flanders, and acted as the coordinator of the Hotspot “Shallow waters and peat meadow areas” of the Dutch national research program Knowledge for Climate. of Natural Resources. 

His research focuses on the biogeochemistry of wetlands at the ecosystem level, primarily the interactions between the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus and the relation between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. His studies also involve nutrient-related studies of fens, bogs, river floodplains, freshwater tidal wetlands, lake marginal wetlands and mangroves, as well as the impacts of nutrient loading of wetlands on water quality and on greenhouse gas emissions, in the context to climate change and land use change.

He developed a research program focusing on the nutrient dynamics of freshwater wetlands in landscapes with human impacts. Awards received by him include a Smithsonian Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Visiting Scientist award from the Australian Science Foundation, an INTECOL award for organizing the 7th International Wetlands Conference and an award as Elected Fellow of the Society of Wetland Scientists. He published 121 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, 28 chapters in scientific.

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