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The 12th International Congress of Ecology

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The 12th International Congress of Ecology

Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World

The 12th International Congress of Ecology(INTECOL 2017 Beijing) organized by International Association for Ecology(INTECOL) will be held in Beijing, August 20-25,2017. As the host of the congress, the Ecological Society of China warmly welcome you to join this meeting together with scientists in ecology from the globe, as well as educators, practitioners and policy-makers, who are dedicated to protecting and preserving our planet.
The theme of the congress is Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World, which will focus on harmonious and sustainable development among people, nature, and society in the  context of global development . The congress will focus on a broad range of topics, such as ecosystem service valuation and sustainable development , culture conservation and human well-being , global change, environment  change in urbanization, ecosystem restoration and management , biodiversity conservation and ecosystem health, ecological civilization , and molecular ecology and ecological genomics. We do hope you can join us for discussing the issues faced by human and finding solutions to them , as well as making new friends from the other regions.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Beijing in August 2017!

The following Attachments are the Poster and the Application  Form of symposium proposals.

The 12th International Congress of Ecology Poster

Application Form of symposium proposals