Welcome to 2016 Changshu China the 10th International Wetlands Conference!
Location: Home/List information/The Second International Wetland Forum is Held at Nanjing University

The Second International Wetland Forum is Held at Nanjing University

Time:2015.07.13   Read:2353


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Dec. 1, 2014, the second international Wetland Forum is held at Nanjing University. Professor Eugene Turner and Professor Jenny Davis made the reports about “Two hundred years of water quality change in the Mississipi River watershed”, “The impacts of multiple stressors on wetlands alternative states as a conceptual model for wetland management”, “The role of aquatic refugia in climate change adaptation”.

Jos Verhoeven is professor of Utrecht University, the Netherlands; Co-Chair of the INTECOL Wetlands Working Group(WWG); President of the Society of Wetland Scientist’s European chapter.

He is focusing on the diversity and functioning of wetland ecosystems, especially having attention to the impacts on water quality and on greenhouse gas emissions.

He writed the “Climate Change: Defining Reference conditions and Restoring Freshwater Ecosystems.” 2010), Interaction of Climate Change and Eutrophication.”2010and other publicationstotally over 100.

International Wetland Conference was hosted by the International Ecology Society (INTRCO), one of the series of meetings. It is the largest, most influential international conference in the wetland science research field. Its subordinate Wetland Working Group ( WWG) is responsible for selecting the host country, and assist the host country which win to preparation and organization the conference. The International Committee of the ecological society of science is responsible for auditand make the final decision. International wetlands conference is held once every four years, and The 10th international wetlands conference will be held in China in 2016that is the first time hosted by Asian countries exclusively in almost forty years.