Jiangsu Dafeng Milu National Nature Reserve, locate coast of the yellow sea, covers an area of 2666.67 ha. It was established in 1986, approved by the former State Forestry Department and the people¡¯s Government of Jiangsu province. Today, the number of milu (David deer) in the reserve accounts for 1/2 of the total world. The area of the reserve is the largest in all the same type ones, and it has the largestwild population and milu gene pool. The reserve had been listed on Ramsar Wetlands in 2002, and it was on the shorebird migration network of East Asia-Australia and on the man and bio-sphere reserve network. The reserve was not only the demonstration area in China of GEF, but also the demonstration bases of biodiversity conservation, the national nature reserve, the of popular science education, and advanced collective for ecological education to minors and other glorious title.
Here cross vertical and horizontal, tidal flats silence, red flower, roe jump birdsong, natural ecological environment is exquisite, the population and exotics, the composition of a picture of a spectacular pristine natural landscape painting return from overseas milu family is active in this colourful, quirky land, elves, with wealth, good fortune, a symbol of imperial power. In addition to the milu, in the reserve, there are 27 species of beasts, 204 species of birds, 21 species of amphibians and reptiles, 156 species of fish, 599species of insects, 10 species of echinoderms, 62 species of annelid, 6 species of coelenterate and 98 species of zooplankton. Among them, 41 species belong to the national protected animals.

Milu, a hapless aloof, arrogant, unwavering species, rescue here, from endangered to prosperous family, from now on in this magical land written new legend. Beautiful Jiangsu Dafeng milu Nature reserve are with open arms, welcome you arrival.