Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park Water Treatment Wetland situates besides Wangyu River and Yangtze River. Total area of the treatment wetland is 5.9 ha. Operation was started in September of year 2014. Since then, around 4000 tons of treated industrial wastewater is polished to grade IV of Environment Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB3838-2002). All the polished water is reused by industries via the water works in this industrial park.

The treatment wetland technology is from German, and main process is buffer tank, vertical flow wetland, pond, surface flow wetland, and saturated flow wetland. There are also a wetland center with lab, control room and exhibition room, a PV-generator for energy consumption and one on line monitoring station for on line water quality test.

This treatment wetland has Multi-Purposes: a) water reclamation for industrial reuse, b) greening the industry with an ecological buffer zone, and increasing biodiversity, c) providing training and wetland research platform. In general, this treatment wetland is very helpful for realizing sustainable development of the industrial park.