Eco—Jiangxiang ——Practicing simple rural wetland ecological philosophy

1. Overview

Jiangxiang village is located at Sha Jiabang watery place,belong to Yangcheng water network region,which is at the intersection of Changshu, Kunshan and Shanghai, it is the lowest-lying area of the entire Changshu. Jiangxiang village has 192 households , more than 900 people, and the village governs area of 3 square kilometers. As a typical rural wetland, Jiangxiang village connected the production area (paddy wetlands, culture ponds, farmland, fruit forest and vegetable field), village living space and natual space through natural rivers, making the wetland natural environment, wetland agriculture and waterfront village life fully integrated into each other.

After years of scientific planning and construction, Jiangxiang village has been formed “Jiangxiang Industrial Park”,“villagers vegetable garden”,“villagers new home”,“Jiangxiang Eco-park”and “acres of pollution-free high–quality grain production base”and other five major plates,and the construction of sewage ecological treatment facilities 、small biogas ,straw gasification station,atmospheric environment automatic monitoring stations and other supporting facilities. As country’s civilization and national ecological village, is the model of practicing ecological concept——“green energy, recycling economy” throughout its development,is a typical representative of the new countryside of China’s modernization.

2. Characteristics

Wetland Science and technology Garden

Wetland Science and technology Garden is decentralized sewage ecological treatment facilities which has been build in 2011 in Jiangxiang Village, the total area of 4500 square meters, including wetland area of 1600 square meters. The main structure includes four parts: a primary settling tank, water pumping stations, vertical-flow ecological filter bed and horizontal flow ecological filter bed, the design treatment scale is 150m3/d. The treatment water can meet ‘ Cities Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard’(GB 18198-20) the center one level to discharge the standard. Project operation cost about 0.2 yuan / tons of water, annual running costs about 10000 yuan. 

Qiqiao Lake Recreational Areas

Qiqiao Lake Recreation Area covers an area of 2.67 ha,and the lake wetland system restoration and reconstruction work has been done by using ecological dredging , terrain carding, ecological restoration and other ways on the basis of original fish pond. To improve the regional species diversity and wetland landscape level, lotus、phragmites australis 、typha angustifolia 、zizania aquatica and other local aquatic plants with better water restoration capability and better ornamental have been planted in shallow water;through the free-range freshwater fish such as grass carp、black carp、parabramis pekinensis、silver carp and so on,to increase degraded ecosystem biodiversity、 complexity of the food chain 、ecosystem energy flow and material circulation,thus forming a self-stabilizing ecosystem.

Jiangnan Peasant Folk Museum

Jiangnan Peasant Folk Museum is the biggest local folk museum all over the Yangtze Delta Rigion ,which exhibits the most kinds of collections and has the most abundant cultural connotation. The production and life of water village is fully demonstrated by using sound, light, electricity and other modern means of science and technology. Jiangnan customs and village flavor is reproduced by subject introductions such as hundred-clothes, hundred-chairs, hundred-boxes, hundred-lamps, hundred-buckets, hundred-baskets and so on. The neighboring farmyards reproduce the old rural style of Jiangnan by the nature of the original village and scenarios.

3. Expedition Route

Visitor Center——Jiangxiang History Museum——New Homes for villagers——Wetland Science and technology Garden——B&B in Jiangxiang——Qiqiao Lake Recreational Areas——Jiangnan Peasant Folk Museum——Visitor Center

The 2.5 km

Suitable walking shoes are necessary

scenery along the way, may carry the telescope and camera

please bring your own sun hat and sunscreen

mineral water will be provided along the way