Jun Chen (President of Nanjing University, China)

Eugene Turner (Co-Chair of INTECOL WWG)



Guangren Ma (Director of China Compliance Office for International Wetland Convention (CCOIWC))

Jos Verhoeven (Co-Chair of INTECOL WWG)

Ania Grobicki (Deputy Secretary General of The Ramsar Secretariat)

Yang Wang (Secretary of Changshu Municipal Committee)

Kelin Chen (Director of Wetland International-China Office)

Shirong Liu (President of Ecological Society of China)

Zhiquan Liu (Technology and Standard of Ministry of Environmental Protection, China)

Chunsheng Xia (Deputy Director of Agriculture Committee of Jiangsu Province, China)


Secretary General

Cheng Li (Assistant President of Nanjing University)

Jennifer Ann Davis (Co-Chair of INTECOL WWG)


Vice-secretary General

Jianguo Fan (Deputy Mayor of People's Government of Changshu, China)

Yan Fang (Director Assistant of CCOIWC)

Shuqing An (Director of Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu




Mingliang Wang (Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and


Limin Wang (SEE Foundation)

Gang Lei (World Wide F und for Nature);

Wenwei Ren (World Wide Fund for Nature)

Yunjun Wang (Nanjing University)

Yingchun Jiang (Nanjing University)

Jianfeng Kong (Nanjing University)

Shan Lu (Nanjing University)

Zhaoqing Lu (Forestry Bureau of Jiangsu Province)

Huiqiang Xu (Wetland Station of Jiangsu Province)

Zhigang Yao (Wetland Station of Jiangsu Province)

Zhiqiang Huang (Agriculture Committee of Suzhou)

Yuqing Feng (Wetland Station of Suzhou);

Baoxing Gao (Agriculture Committee of Changshu)

Huiming Huo (Agriculture Committee o f Changshu)

Huizhong Dai (Forestry Station of Changshu)

Xuedong Xu (Yushan Shanghu Tourist Resort of Changshu)

Hengyi Ji (Shajiabang Tourist Resort of Changshu)