W1~2. Elements should be considered for Planning Sustainable Natural System of Wetlands

W3~4. The Waterharmonica, over 20 years experience with Reuse of waste water through natural processes

W5. Tomorrow-wetland: Exploring wetland futures through scenario development

W6. Linking Scales and Processes for successful Integrated Water & Land Management: Ecohydrology

W7. Tools and strategies to understand and co- create actions in Amazonian and Pantanal wetlands under  pressure

W8. Mercury in biota of main tropical freshwater systems in the Amazon

W9. Comparison Study of Wetland Restoration Methods and Techniques between China and Other Countries: Implications to Wetland Restoration and Management of China

W10. Ecosystem Based Adaptation approach for Sustainable Management and Governance of Coastal or Marine Wetlands Ecosystems

W11. River Health, Water Ecological Function Regionalization and Ecological Restoration

W12. The Next Generation of Wetland Science: Ecosystems, Applications, and Engineering

W13. Wetland Park Alliance

W14. Environmental Flow

W15. Wetland Ecosystem Water Requirement

W16. Biological invasions in aquatic plants

W17. Wetland classification - developments and forward directions 

W18. State of the World's wetlands - drivers and impacts

W19. Biological invasions in aquatic plants

W20. Developing a Systematic Classification of the World’s Wetlands

W21. Assessing the state of the World’s wetlands

W22~23. Specific Constructed Wetlands For Water Treatment

W24. Assessing and reporting wetland status and trends: issues and challenges