International Wetland Conference which is hosted by the international Association for Ecology (INTECOL), is one of the series meetings. It’s also the largest, most influential international conference in the wetland science research field. INTECOL’s subordinate-Wetland Working Group(WWG) is responsible for selecting the host country every 4 years.

The 10th International Wetland Conference will be held in September 19th to 24th in Changshu, China, 2016, hosted by Nanjing University, China Compliance Office for International Wetland convention, INTECOL Ecological society of China and Wetland International –China office, co-hosted by Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu (NJUecorich) and People’s Government of Changshu.

NJU International Wetland Forum is a response to the International Wetland Conference, in order to invite famous experts and scholars in wetland ecology areas to do academic exchanges, discuss the front and issues in the field of wetland ecology with NJU’s teachers and students.