Important Note:Submission Deadline has been postponed to May 31, 2016.

The conference program will include sessions focus on wetland under global change, wetland biodiversity, ecosystem service, biogeochemistry, ecosystem management, bio-invasion, sewage treatment, etc



Abstracts Should Consist of the Following Sections: Title, Authors, Authors organization(s), Body, Keywords.

Body includes research intention, methods, results and conclusion.

Tables or figures can NOT be included in the abstracts.

Abstracts should be written in English, content should be related with the theme or topics of the conference (find session introduction here).  

Main results of the research haven’t been published in domestic or foreign academic journals.


How to Submit Your Abstract

To submit your abstract, please first register your Personal account (click register on the top right corner of the homepage). After registering, enter the “Abstract Submission” section and submit your abstract online. The scientific committee will audit your abstract. You need to pay $30 for each abstract through PAYPAL online according to systematical guidance when your abstract pass the audit.  See detailed procedures here.

After you have successfully completed the payment, a confirmation will be sent to your mailbox confirming receipt of your abstract. Please keep a copy of this form on file for your records. 



Abstracts should ONLY be submitted as Microsoft Word Format file.

Files must be named with ONLY letters or numbers, or combinations there of. 

Use Times New Roman font. Set font size to 11 points.

Type the body of the abstract single spaced without indents or tabs. DOUBLE SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.

Type abstract title flush left at the top of the page, in BOLD.

Type abstract title in upper and lower case, standard title format.

Do not end your title with punctuation unless it is a question.

- EXAMPLE: The Invasion of Spartina alterniflora Alters Carbon Dynamics in China’s Coastal Wetlands 

Apply boldingitalicsunderlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want it to appear in your final abstract.

For each author, enter the full first name, any middle initials, and the full last name.

SEE SAMPLES (Abstract Sample).



10 Award of Excellence will be selected by jury group in both oral presentations and posters. The winner will receive a paper award notification. Only students (undergraduates, graduates, PhD candidates, and doctors graduated within 2 years) can participate the award competition.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the Organizing Committee.


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